Mission & Vision

To provide physical and spiritual food for our friends and neighbors.

Recent Programs

The Commadore has a new roof!


Our traditional mission is held in February. It's a great time to visit Nicaragua. All are welcome, as the Spirit leads.

President and CEO

Nicaraguensi are warm, compassionate and humble people

The LORD took me to Nicaragua in the mid 1990's and introduced me to life-long friends that have blessed me beyond measure. A small group of friends started feeding the children in their neighborhood of Diriamba, and before long they had built a beautiful kitchen and gathering place. We came along and added a dental clinic and generous friends have provided the funds to keep a roof over their heads -- literally.


When the LORD shows us a need, He is inviting us to join Him in His work --- and it's so much fun!! God provides in every detail and we have front row seats to watch Him work. 

teri vogliardo

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